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  1. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically competitive college rocket league. Hosted by Rocket League/Psyonix itself, hosted in the spring it’s a way to get your name out there as a player. I would like to know who all would be interested in making a team for this next upcoming season in spring. Stridingg#7228 on discord. Dm me 🙂
  2. Twitch.tv/Stridingg >> poppin 🙂

    1. Eric Larson

      Eric Larson

      na, he lyin, this man got as much pop as a broken bag of popcorn

  3. Imma post when I'm streaming live on here ❤️

    1. Hunter Lyons

      Hunter Lyons

      We also have a dedicated forum for that! You could make a thread here telling us about what your livestream is, and then post there or make a new post each time you go live. You can use this, too, and our Discord -- whatever you want. Livestreaming is dope. 


  4. In discord, we should have 1-2 Voice channels for each respective channel, so the people of the community can talk to one another within the channel not having to outsource to another discord. I believe this will bring us closer together, and allow us to make friends easily. On another note, have 2-4 public channels so we can meet as groups or just to chill out with other people from other communities. Thanks for your time,
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